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Vector CR Update - October 2012

Fri Nov 2, 2012, 9:35 AM

Each month I'll be posting an update on what's been happening with the Vector galleries or relating to them and it's member, including a round up of the DD's featuring in that month. If you've got something you'd like to contribute, please feel free to drop me a note with your updates and I'll be happy to include it!

Goodbye and Hello!

I'd like to start my first Vector CR update of my new term by thanking DomiSM for the fantastic term and time she's given to the vector galleries. She's an asset to the community, not just the vector community. Please drop by her page and give her a scalable hug, because she's simply fabulous!
I'm back as your Vector Community Volunteer! I'm here as a bridge between you and the paid staff should you want someone to pass on a message, suggestions or concerns. I'll be getting more involved in the vector community and I also post those little things called Daily Deviations... but we'll get onto that one later. So if you've got any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to note me as I check my dA every day!

Pleased to Meet You!

If you've only just devwatched me and wonder who the frig is this pink haired lady, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Sharon Milne however most people call me Shar or Shaz - either is fine! I'm a vector obsessive and I'm the Associate Editor of one of the biggest vector education websites on the Web... Vectortuts+. I write vector tutorials, articles and even in the process of finishing off a book for Adobe Press titled "Adobe Master Class: Illustrator". Needless to say, paths and points run through my veins! In my spare time, I'm a crazy cat lady and dog lady... and love eating prawn salad!

So now I've introduced myself, please tell me who you are! Tell me what connection you have with vector? Are you into it for work or pleasure :eyes: or both... waah! Do you love cats? What was the last thing you had to eat? Tell me anything!

Daily Deviations

Daily Deviations are a daily feature of selected pieces of artwork. They are a feature and not to be confused with an award. They can give artists a fair bit of exposure and help highlight great artwork and artists alike. ANYONE is able to suggest them, so please feel free to send me a note with your VECTOR suggestions!

However please keep the following in mind:
  • You can only receive one DD every 6 months!
  • You can only suggest to me work which is in the vector galleries
  • Absolutely no active contest entries! We don't want to sway any current judging in progress, that would be unfair

There are different "rules" by different volunteers added onto this and I have my own stance on DDs.

  • I only feature artwork which I am able to write something positive about, which is why I like to add descriptions to my features. If I can't tell the community why I featured something, then I'm not standing up for the deviant nor the artwork. I will use some descriptions by deviants, but ultimately if I can't think of why something is worth sharing with the community, I won't feature it.
  • If you've used stock from dA, please link it. The community don't link people who don't link and credit their resources. I don't want to be responsible for sending this chunk of the community to a deviant. Let a DD day for an artist be one filled with positivity!
  • DD's are selected due to both creativity and technical ability. I'm very picky with this because I know like myself, some people will see a vector in a technical way first, then an arty way!
  • Finally, SELF SUGGESTIONS ARE ENCOURAGED! I can't see every single piece of vector which is submitted or that has ever been submitted. If you feel you've been overlooked for a DD and think your work should get one... send me a note with a piece you think should be featured. Don't leave the responsibility of your self promotion and exposure in the hands of others, do something about it and suggest yourself! I actually think highly of those who do this as I've self suggested myself in the past. It takes guts to ask for exposure and it's more than welcome with me!

This leads me onto our next part... so what standard of DDs are we looking at here?

October 2012's Daily Deviations

Check out last months Daily Deviations. Full of inspiration and awe, there is something for everyone!

Omen by deaddreamer New York - Manhattan Bridge by exotic-legends Caterpillar. by ya-na Murder by maruhana-bachi Dia De Muertos by nouam 100% vector Viper GTS by ollite20 11th of Hearts by Winter-artwork Safely Take Off REMIX by daskull The Twin Storm Peaks by crcarlosrodriguez :thumb331552345: Steampunk Octo Dance by KelleeArt Diamond by Colors1 Bodyguard by flurrycat Wonder Woman by darkodordevic Venus by MARiKaArt Monster Octomaid by kinkei Revisiting Video Game Symbols: Skyrim by hyperlixir Creepy Neighbourhood by pica-ae

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